Unity 4

A small game once started as a quick university project prototype. Afterwards, it had been further develeped ouside of school and was presented at an annual videogame showcase 'Level Up'. 'Abyss³' has gone through many changes since.
After the release of Unity 5, the game was rebuilt almost from scratch in the new engine and the name was changed to "Path³"


Unity 5

demo HERE

The Path³ is the new version of my puzzle videogame called 'Abyss³'.
The objective is simple: get from a point A to point B, shaping the world around you. The world is made of many, many little tiles that move when being approached by spheres. The tiles can be paused or returned to their starting positions. The main change that distinguishes this version of the game from the previous one is the added ability to shoot and control the spheres. In the previous vesion, the spheres were scripted to follow a certain path and were not controlled by a player. Though this change may seem very minor, it led to the reconstruction of entire levels.