Collection of my random works

A 3D scan of my head.

My first self-taught steps in 3ds max. I was in highschool at the time.

Playing with Arnold Renderer

a Summer Planet

And yet another unfinished scene in 3ds Max

The main modifier used in the scene is 'Cloth'

Autodesk Maya, XGen

The size of each sphere is linked to a pixel on an image, darker the pixel's color is, smaller the sphere is.

Audio Sphere

Visual Studio - OpenFrameworks

I am often having low fps issues when working in Processing. In this case, OF easily rotates and scales 7000 particles based on audio frequency.

.in my first year of university. Made in GameMaker Studio
Artist: Saffron Bolduc-Chiong
GameMaker: Alexandr Gerassimov
The mechanic of the game is very similar to the well-known 'Hot potato' game. The game starts with one of two players having a bomb in their hands. The objective is to catch your oppenent, give him the bomb and at the same time do not let your opponent give it back to you. The game ends once the bomb explodes.